Various technical web development areas I look at to ensure your website is fully optimised for major search engines:

Website Load Speed

Page speed is a big factor for ranking highly in Google search results, mostly because it affects user experience directly.

Responsive Mobile Website

Your users are viewing your website in mobile, and Google cares if your website is mobile friendly.

Related & Long Tailed Keywords

In order to rank for keywords that convert, the keywords you use across your website has to have buyer intent.

Website Structure & Internal Linking

If users aren't able to understand your website structure, Google won't be able to either.

Semantic markup & valid HTML

The HTML code used on your website has to be valid in order to make sense to search engines and index your content.

Website SEO Audit

An audit reveals things like whether your website has broken links, duplicate content, missing images & links, etc - things that can potentially have negative seo impact.

Error pages & redirects

If you have updated your website or moved to a new platform, your old links that are indexed in Google needs to point to new content & the new site should be able to display errors properly.